Put simply, volunteers are an integral part of the 'community' in community radio.

KPCA would not exist without the efforts of a small group of volunteer radio enthusiasts to obtain the license and subsequently begin the building process. 

Now that KPCA is on the air, our need for volunteers has grown but changed in character.

Currently we need volunteers do things like:

  • Record station identifications for on-air broadcast
  • Record PSAs for on-air broadcast
  • Provide vocal training for those who need it
  • Teach courses in making your own podcasts
  • Teach radio operations courses in the KPCA control room
  • Cover field events, away from the studio
  • Document the KPCA playlist for the record
  • Help with social media and other outreach
  • Substitute for other KPCA producers

....and much more.

Please contact us at kpca@pca.tv to volunteer with KPCA, your community access radio station.