John Bertucci – Executive Director

John Bertucci, a native Petaluman, has been a producer, director, editor of independent films in Europe and the United States for close to 40 years. Among the many subjects he’s covered: Formula 1 racing in Bologna, a street under siege in Sarajevo, high school students in Belfast, rock ‘n roll attitudes in London, the presidential primary in New Hampshire, the disabled in Paris as well as ceremonial life in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He’s worked in various capacities at Petaluma Community Access since 1999, becoming the Executive Director of this remarkable media resource in 2008. His faith in the force of nature known as creativity is not something he hoards for a career, it’s something he lives to share and cultivate in all his relations.

Nellie Magee – Membership Supervisor

Robert Tomaszewski – Station Manager

Jeff Trier – Operations Manager

Born on the road and raised in a traveling carnival, Jeff had the opportunity to gain a great sampling and appreciation of localized culture within the United States and Canada.

His love of developmental technology began while helping his father repair and build roller coasters and other mechanical behemoths. Watching their gears and chains whir, accompanied by the sounds of joyful screaming, are among his fondest childhood memories.

With almost 20 years of Access Television and Network Administrative experience, Jeff Trier has become the resident AV/IT Engineer in charge of PCA’s Audio/Video infrastructure and Network Operations, and provides build-out support for the radio station, KPCA. He also provides production training and assistance for both video and radio producers.

Patty Nuovo – Outreach Access Supervisor

Responsible for video coverage, billing, and broadcasts of City, School and PCA meetings. Recruits, trains, and monitors Access Assistants for City, School, and PCA meetings
Recruits and supervises PCA interns and volunteers for radio and TV assignments
Administers press releases and public relations, social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube), website content and member communications