John Bertucci – Executive Director

John Bertucci, a native Petaluman, has been a producer, director, editor of independent films in Europe and the United States for close to 40 years. Among the many subjects he’s covered: Formula 1 racing in Bologna, a street under siege in Sarajevo, high school students in Belfast, rock ‘n roll attitudes in London, the presidential primary in New Hampshire, the disabled in Paris as well as ceremonial life in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He’s worked in various capacities at Petaluma Community Access since 1999, becoming the Executive Director of this remarkable media resource in 2008. His faith in the force of nature known as creativity is not something he hoards for a career, it’s something he lives to share and cultivate in all his relations.

Christopher Fisher – Outreach Coordinator

Christopher was a Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia kid until the family relocated to Marin in 1980, where he immediately fell under the spell of Madrone Canyon’s magnificent redwoods. Sent to a Jesuit university for training in logic & critical thought, his academic work was largely devoted to the study of alternative media and corporate propaganda. But a chance encounter with the intoxicating sound of the Mississippi Delta - a bottleneck slide - led to a 20 year adventure in nightclub, restaurant, and kitchen management. Christopher is a true believer in the community-empowering possibilities of Petaluma’s free speech, public access media center, and encourages the Sonoma County community to take Scoop Nisker’s famous advice - “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own” - quite literally.

Nellie Magee – Membership Coordinator

Robert Tomaszewski – Station Manager

Jeff Trier – Operations Manager