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Petaluma ER

Tune in on Sunday, October 15, 4 - 7 pm

Free Range Thinking for a Compassionate Community Approach to Crisis Recovery

Petaluma's been spared the fires so far, but not the

shock and pain - with unsafe air, family and friends

being evacuated from neighboring communities...

so many have lost their homes! 

How do we recover? Where do we begin?

Perhaps this special broadcast on KPCA is a start:

Petaluma Emergency Radio connects community experts with the community affected by disasters.


Anchors will field questions posed by audience via email, calling on a pool of experts to deliver brief answers specific to their area of expertise, either from the studio or by phone, while subsequent questions/experts are lined up to follow in a concise, audience-driven rotation of topics.

Have a question? Have a concern?

Send them to us at PetalumaER@gmail.com and we'll try to find expert guidance and answers live, on the air. Whatever your concern, it's likely shared with others. Let's help everyone find the clarification and answers they need.

Listen to Petaluma E.R at 103.3 FM on your radio, or online via www.kpca.fm live stream (return to homepage for Listen Live button).

Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm (Pacific).



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A frequently updated database for those seeking help, as well as for those seeking to volunteer. Spanish language version

A California Google fire map

Sonoma County evacuation shelters

Animal Shelters: 

To Volunteer your time and/or services, connect with people and agencies in need here

Sonoma County public safety and fire information

Sign up for Sonoma County emergency alerts via Nixle.

Red Cross information for missing and found people. 

Information on school closures in Sonoma County. 


Guests on the October 15, 2017 Show

Teresa Barrett - Petaluma City Councilmember & Vice Mayor

In November of 2006 Teresa Barrett was elected to the Petaluma City Council, where she continues to serve the community today.  

Dr. Gabrielle Goetze, DVM - Veterinarian, Northtown Animal Hospital

Dr. Goetze was raised in the beautiful state of Washington, and moved to California in 2004 to attend the University of California at Davis. She is a double Aggie, and graduating with a major in Animal Biology in 2008 from from UCD before returning to complete her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. Although she has spent time working with a variety of animal species, including horses, raptors (birds of prey) and primates, her focus as a veterinarian is treating small domestic animals, primarily dogs and cats. She has been working at Northtown Animal Hospital, a small animal veterinary clinic in Santa Rosa that was deeply affected by the Tubbs fire, since April 2015. In her spare time she can be found with her rescue dog Harvey, or riding her horse Chance.

Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian, Psy.D

Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian is a licensed psychologist and the owner of Napa and Folsom Child Wellness.  She specializes in child and adolescent psychology and has enjoyed working with families for over 10 years.  Dr. Kuzirian did her Pre-Doc Internship at the California Pacific Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry, in San Francisco, CA, and her Post-Doc Fellowship at El Camino Hospital, in Mountain View, CA. Currently, she supports families with individual child therapy services, parent consultation, neuropsychological evaluations, maternal mental health therapy and Mindfulness-based group therapy for anxiety and depression.

Tom Yarish – Grass Roots Environmental Health Advocate

Something about the meaning of “sustainability”….context is everything…Very general point of entry into the economic, political and environmental conflicts facing us all. Climate change is on everyone’s mind, whether they deny or affirm.  How do you look at the scientific consensus? What are the risks of doing nothing or doing too little?  What is a realistic scenario for your grandchildren? Is the cancer “epidemic” a myth?  How much do environmental factors matter? In an era of draconian cuts in government services what are the alternatives to pension funds, medical insurance, and other vital public services?

Suzi Grady - Program Director of Petaluma Bounty, a Program of the PPSC

Mission: Healthy food for everyone through collaboration, education and promoting self-reliance.

Vision: To grow a thriving local food system where consumers make informed decisions; farmers make a decent living while prioritizing ecological stewardship of the land; and all people – regardless of income – have access to healthy food. We push beyond the immediate demands of hunger relief toward community food security (and hunger prevention) with programming that expands our community’s capacity to feed each other today and into the future.


Julia Rigler, Respiratory Therapist (RT)

Julia Rigler has focused her work in Respiratory Care in the field of Pulmonary Rehabilitation for over two decades. Previously a member of the Cardio Pulmonary Rehab team at Seton Medical Center, she now works in Pulmonary Rehab at UCSF.

In addition to providing education and exercise training to patients with a variety of pulmonary diseases, she works with patients both pre and post lung transplant. She has been involved in various research projects, including pilot testing of a portable ventilator for use in exercise and the application of remote exercise training for pulmonary rehab patients. 

She is certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist from the American Council on Exercise and has offered presentations on specific parameters of exercise prescription for professionals in the field of rehab medicine. She has a special interest in traditional methods of healing with a focus on Western Herbalism.


Thomas Cooper, MFT

Thomas Cooper. Licensed MFT I can talk about disaster mental health issues. I’m also placed at Petaluma Vets Hall at county crisis worker. I would red below info.

"A local colleague, Nancy Haugen, PhD who specializes in 'Disaster Mental Health' created some 'cliff notes' to keep in mind so that we can all be empowered to support mental health for those in pain.
We citizens can do a great job supporting the mental health of our loved ones affected by this tragedy, so read on for the DO'S & DONT'S

PLEASE CUT/PASTE & REPOST! We thank you for your community support in our efforts to spread the IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH!
Cliff Notes for Disaster Mental Health
1. Whereas in the Emergency Room there is the Golden Hour (time to get to the ER when there has been a trauma), in Disaster Mental Health there is the Golden Month. There are 30 days from the point of the disaster, to make a major difference. Any intervention, support, kindness that can happen during those 30 days will change the long-term outcome. It is significant.
2. Given how the brain shuts down in a disaster, victims are not able to process words very well. They WILL track on tone of your voice and your body posture.
3. Don’t problem solve, most important task is to just LISTEN.
4. Sharing where resources are is important – if possible, give a written form of the list so that they can refer to it later. They won’t remember much if you just tell them.
5. Asking open ended questions (How can I help?) are not helpful because it asks too much of the victim’s brain to figure that out. Present two choices with yes or no answer (May I drop off food Friday or Saturday?)
6. After the fires are contained, and the media leaves (referred to as the Honeymoon period – “we’re going to make it! We’re going to stick together!), most victims experience depression. The research indicates that the depression will last for a while, so keep in mind that ongoing supportive gestures, any intervention, support, kindness, is still needed. After the depression period lifts (can be as long as a couple years), people most often report that they feel that they have a new life.
Just wanted to share with you some bare bones ways to be supportive after a disaster."

Mitch White - Owner / Broker Mitch White Insurance Agency Inc.
Northbay Home Loans • Northbay Resource Group

Northbay Resource Group – Mitch White Agency is your local resource for insurance and home loans. We are a full service agency with a wide variety of services and products. We have access to hundreds of markets and specialty programs to meet your specific needs.

Greg Wilcox – Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer, LeaderOne

Greg Wilcox is the branch manager and senior loan officer with LeaderOne Financial based in Santa Rosa, Ca. Greg was born and raised in Sonoma County, Ca attending Montgomery High School, SRJC and SSU. Growing up on a walnut ranch in Santa Rosa gave Greg a deep respect for the importance of agricultural and family to our community. Greg loves the Northbay which is why he began as a mortgage banker/broker in 1999. Over the last 18 years he’s had the privilege of helping hundreds of families make this beautiful area their home.


Steve Fischer – Owner of Fischer Design, LLC

Petaluma resident of 20 years. Owner of Fischer Design LLC, a graphic design firm on Keller Street, Petaluma. 

Volunteer for the Sonoma Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) dept of Fire and Emergency Services - 4 years of volunteer work so far. Amateur Radio enthusiast, operating automated solar/battery powered emergency communications systems 24/7 out of his house.

Accredited Examiner for FCC Amateur Radio License Testing

Information on Sonoma ACS


The Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is a program created to supplement government emergency communications with professional, unpaid volunteer staff. ACS is not an amateur radio club. It is part of local government and operates under the authority of the Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services Department.

ACS supports any and all government public service communications systems in the event of failure, overload or other problems that might jeopardize their usefulness. The volunteers provide emergency communications between the county and its jurisdictions, county and city governments and neighboring county governments.

ACS may provide communications support using amateur radio, cellular and regular phones, computers, e-mail, facsimile, Internet, microwave, public service radio (police, fire, law enforcement), satellite, television, and video-conference systems; as well as field and in-office support of personnel, in order to maintain the highest possible level of staff and equipment readiness.

The Emergency Management Division relies on 125 ACS volunteers to supplement the County’s emergency communications capabilities in the event of a disaster. These volunteers are registered Disaster Service Workers who provide a variety of professional skills including administrative, technical and operational for emergency communications between local and state agencies. These ACS licensed operators conduct a weekly county-wide radio check-in and participate in disaster preparedness exercises. 

Pedro Toledo, J.D., Chief Administrative Officer of the Petaluma Health Center

Pedro is interested in expanding access to care for underserved populations to improve community health. Prior to the Petaluma Health Center, Pedro was the director of community & government relations at the Redwood Community Health Coalition, a consortium of 16 community health centers. He is president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County, and has served on the boards of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Network and La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland. He has a law degree from Cornell University, a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.

Dr. Angela Browne-Miller – Dr. Angela Hour

Dr. Angela, host of the Dr. Angela Hour here on KPCA, Tuesdays 5-6 pm, also known as Dr. Angela Browne-Miller, as seen on Oprah, Talk of the Nation, US News & World Report, Family Circle Magazine, etc., is author over 50 books, international expert: health & wellness, mental health, addiction & compulsion, trauma & recovery, creativity & healing. She earned her two PhDs at UC Berkeley, served as National Institute on Mental Health PostDoctoral Fellow. Dr. Angela practices psychotherapy in her office right here in Petaluma, in fact in the same building as KPCA radio.

Annemarie Gallup

Public Speaker, Neuro Emotional Therapist in private practice and radio talk show host of "Healing Within," Annemarie Gallup brings her expertise of subconscious therapy to Petaluma. Specializing in PTSD, chronic behavior patterns and teen wellness, Annemarie's message is one of support and inspiration to truly heal from past traumas while learning mindfulness techniques.

John Christopher - Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at DriveSavers in Novato, CA
John began his career at DriveSavers in 1994 as a data recovery engineer. He has written for various computer-related books and publications. He is here talk about how to protect your data and what to do if your computer is involved in fire.
  • About DriveSavers, Who we are, What we do
  • What and how to backup data
  • Our free offer to fire victims